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Best of the Best Restaurants 2022
Travellers' Choice
Travellers' Choice

Best of the Best Restaurants

Fine Dining - India

We award Travellers’ Choice Best of the Best to restaurants with a high volume of above-and-beyond reviews and opinions from our community over a 12-month period. Each winner has passed our rigorous trust and safety standards. Fewer than 1% of Tripadvisor’s 8 million listings are awarded Best of the Best, signifying the highest level of excellence in travel.

Congrats to all of the winners and a big thanks to the travellers who made it possible.

High-end dining that’ll impress your taste buds.

The Raj Pavilion
This glass covered restaurant, with interiors inspired by the 100-year-old Lalbagh gardens, brings a nostalgic touch of Victorian architecture with its splendor. Recipient of the Silver Award for the Food... Show more
Karavalli @ Taj
Karavalli an iconic restaurant located at Vivanta Bengaluru Residency Road. Since inception in 1990, Karavalli has grown to be an institution when it comes to South west coast flavours. Modelled on a traditional... Show more
A modern perspective, edgy culinary craftsmanship and beautifully balanced flavors are built upon a foundation of traditional Japanese cuisine at Ukiyo restaurant in Pune. Ukiyo by definition means to... Show more
Travellers' ChoiceTravellers' ChoiceTravellers' Choice
Travellers' Choice
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Travellers' ChoiceTravellers' ChoiceTravellers' Choice
Mekong-Pan Asian Restaurant
Mekong, Hyderabad's award winning pan-asian restaurant, now in Vizag Named after the mighty Asian river, Mekong serves cuisines from the river charts its course through - Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China,... Show more
Rajput architecture, magnificence and sumptuousness - this is the essence that pervades Cinnamon, originally the erstwhile dining room of the Prime Minister of Jaipur State Cinnamon is a gourmet theatre... Show more
Suvarna Mahal
With its high ceilings, gilded mirrors and Florentine frescoes, SuvarnaMahal embodies the rich heritage of erstwhile rulers. Our chefs have mastered royal cuisines from the princely states of Rajasthan,... Show more
EAST, East Asian Spice Trail - Give your taste buds a taste of the far East, abbreviated as EAST offer aficionados a rich experience of Pan Asian cuisine in an ambiance resembling the culture of Asia.... Show more
Yi Jing
Yi Jing draws inspiration from the essence and meaning in its title. ‘Yi’ means ‘to change’ and ‘Jing’ refers to ‘the classic’. It presents a cuisine philosophy that combines simplicity with contemporary... Show more
Kheer at Roseate House
Kheer brings exquisite Indian cuisine par excellence teamed with the best street food offering an experience that marries traditional cooking with luxurious fine dining. Nestled on the first floor, Kheer... Show more
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