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  • Great hotel in the heart of Zadar’s Old City
  • Amazing Customer Service
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  • Probably the best hotel
  • Hospitality at its best
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  • Stunning views, incredible service, and fantastic ammenities!!!
  • Beautiful, friendly place to stay on Bol
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  • Quiet, lovely oasis in a bustling town
  • Perfect base for exploring Split
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  • A diamond of a hotel
  • Lovely hotel
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  • Direct sea access, quite surrounding, 15min bus travel to down town Dubrovnik
  • Good times!!!
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  • Great location, outstanding staff. A highlight ofour Croatian stay
  • Great hotel
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  • Amazing staff, good location, comfortable room
  • Fantastic apartment
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  • TELEBRANDS Support Number 647 795 2614
  • Love this hotel
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  • The perfect place to stay in Rovinj - could not have been better!!
  • An Absolute Must!
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