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  • Excellent position close to the station
  • Great Experience
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  • Interesting building, quality food, quality staff. No storage!
  • A great place
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  • Excellent place with a warm welcome
  • Wonderful stay at Heemskerk Suites
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  • Dux sets the bar high for what a hotel should be
  • An excelent hotel in a great location
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  • Pierre was the most gracious and helpful. He knew what you wanted before you asked!
  • Fabulous hotel, wonderful location, super helpful owner
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  • Beautiful hotel in a quieter part of town
  • Lovely hotel
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  • Astonishing stay at Librije's Hotel
  • Great overall experience with dinner, overnight and breakfast
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  • If only all hotels could be this wonderful, I might never want a permanent residence.
  • beautiful property
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  • Excellent!!
  • Cute and luxurious
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  • Delightful !
  • Best hotel in town
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  • Charming Inn for our 1st visit to Leiden, Inlaws stayed in Loft apt.
  • Excellent Hotel
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  • Outstanding and Enjoyable Stay at Hotel 717
  • Absolutely charming, perfectly curated canal home hotel in Amsterdam
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  • WONDERFUL - highlight of trip!
  • Wonderful Surprise!
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  • we love it - not just because it has our name on it ~
  • A gem outside a very small town!
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  • Very stylish rooms, lovely staff, not far from the city centre
  • Friendly boutique hotel
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  • excellent hotel in exceptional location
  • Beautifully Modern yet old - lovely service
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  • Very beautiful place and friendly staff
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  • Great service that makes this place feel like someones home
  • Perfect break - like a dream
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  • Excellent Hotel in Brilliant Location
  • Comfortable, good location and great price.
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  • One word describes Restaurant Merlet: Perfect!
  • The best restaurant in the region
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  • very good budget hotel in quite location
  • Would stay here again!
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  • Amazing escape into nature from Amsterdam
  • Wonderful dinner and place to be
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