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  • Great place while studying Spanish!
  • Just Stay Here - It's Great
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  • Look no futher- Casa Cubana has it all
  • Awesome place, great hospitality
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  • Best place to stay in Granada!
  • Super friendly and helpful
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  • YOu have to love Eileen
  • Jungle paradise - stay here!!
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  • A perfect place to enjoy nature and surrounding areas
  • Lovely place, amazing value
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  • We felt at peace and welcomed warmly! Highly recommend!
  • Lovely B&B
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  • Beautiful location and amazing staff!
  • amazing place to stay
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  • More like visiting friends rather than a B&B
  • Welcoming, comfortable and relaxing
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  • Wonderful stay with my family
  • Excellent Place to stay!
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  • Incredible view of conception and great staff
  • MOST beautiful view and stay in Ometepe!
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