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  • A 4.5 To 5 Star Property with Nice Views, Good Pools & Restaurant
  • Best led hotel in Panama
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  • Refined
  • Excellent Hotel
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  • A Great Escape!
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  • Wonderful
  • Restaurant - Midday menu
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  • Best 5 Star Hotel in Panama City, Panama
  • An elegant hotel in downtown Panama City
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  • Panama's historic hotel by excellence!
  • Gorgeous hotel with an interesting history
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  • It doesnt get any better than this!
  • A Perfect Retreat
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  • Brilliant stay in centre of town
  • This is the best and cleanest hotel in Bocas Del Toro
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  • A friendly, clean, comfortable hotel right in the city
  • Clean, perfect for what we needed
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  • Home Away from Home
  • Great Stay super value
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