1. Wifi-Go by Government 

If you are looking for free Wifi in Macau, note the free service provided by government as part of the local WiFiGo program.  As such, you can conveniently pick up strong 'free' WiFi signal at all World Heritage Sites, many public gardens, buildings and offices.  

The signal is very strong these days, allowing you to get online quickly if you have mobile device at many different locations around the city.  It is particularly easy to find the signal near most of the World Heritage Attractions.

For Better security, it is recommended to connect to the secured network (wifigo-s), in which

ID: wifigo

Password: wifigo

For Andriod users, please also select the following when connecting to the network

EAP type: PEAP

Sub type: PEAPv0/MSCHAPv2

2. SIM Card by Local Telecom Service Provider 

Apart from connecting to public wifi, one can also buy a local SIM card for data connection. There are four service providers in Macau, namely CTM, 3, Smartone and China Telecom. However it is better not to use China Telecom which is using uncommon network standard CDMA (3G) and TD-LTE (4G). The list below shows the common prepaid SIMs for the three providers in which are suitable for tourists.

 Service Provider 



 Prepaid Card

 3 / 7 Day Best Prepaid

 International Roaming
Prepaid SIM Card

 Prepaid Card


 4G (FDD B3)

4G (FDD B3) 

 3G (WCDMA B1)

 Initial Price

 MOP 100 (3-day)

MOP 200 (7-day)

 MOP 50

MOP 50 

 Data Package

 MOP 78 (3-day)

 MOP 188 (7-day) 

MOP 50 (1-day data) 

MOP 78 (3-day data) 

MOP 88 (8GB + 800min airtime in 3 days)

MOP 188 (7-day data) 

 MOP 100 (1 Day)



 Data Quota for Maximum Speed

 1GB (3-day) 

 2GB (7-day)

 1GB (3-day)  

Others Not mentioned 

 Not mentioned 


  Rate of Local Call Afterwards (per min)

 MOP 0.4

 MOP 0.4

 MOP 0.54

For details, you can refer to the offical sites

CTM: https://www.ctm.net/prepaid/prepaidbe...

3: http://www.three.com.mo/public/eng/im...

Smartone: http://www.smartone.com/mo/en/mobile-... 

 Prepaid cards are available at vending machines in Macau International Airport, ferry terminals (both Macau and Taipa) and Border Gate, and also retail shops of the service providers in town. Please note that only cash (MOP or HKD) is accepted for buying the cards and no change will be given.