Get a hotel near the historic city centre so you can be close to the World Heritage attractions.  Make the walk down the steps from St. Pauls, do a bit of souvenir shoping and enjoy traditional Macanese, Portuguese and Chinese food in the Historic City Center.  Many want to try popular Portuguese egg tarts at places like Koi Kei Bakery, which also sells different kinds of cookies and braised meats... make sure to bring home some... If you want to bring home fruits and other cured Chinese food, go to the Red Market, a 10 minute walk from the Ruins of St. Paul's Ruins.

You'll find yourself ending up at Senado Square where you can find the Government Tourist Office for a free Macau map with its popular destinations and events. The place is a product of a Catholic Christian and Chinese religion because of its churches and temples.  Additionally, you can visit any number of the 30+ World Heritage attractions available for visitation in this area known as the Historic City Center of Macau.

The traffic is controlled and you'll love the bus stops... just make sure you understand the signs and stops which is posted at the bus stop itself. You can reach places for free if you know where to get the shuttle buses from the hotel. Fisherman's Wharf is nice for picture taking. And make sure you go up the Macau Tower or else you dont experience Macau entirely.

What else to do/see

There are a lot of temples too for you to see, the top ones are the World Heritage - A Ma Temple and the very nice Kun Iam Temple, both on the peninsula.  There are also some decent museum visits, including the Grand Prix Museum, Wine Museum, Space Center, Maritime Museum and the historic Macau Museum located in the World Heritage attraction called the Mount Fortress. 

The casinos are great! You'll like the Venetian Macau Resort Hotel and Casino,you can win a few hundred HK Dollars or a thousand  for a 20HK$ bill ... bring a good luck!  .Across the street is the City of Dreams where you will be able to watch the Dragon Treasure show in the bubble room as well as the world class production of the House of Dancing Water...... Try the Hard Rock Hotel too or Sands Hotel.  

November and December are best to travel here.  During November, Macau hosts the Macau Grand Prix, which is famously known and recognized as one of the most challenging circuits around the world.  It gets very busy and exciting in Macau during this time.  It is also very festive, busy and nice to visit during Chinese New Year in January/February each year.  There are lion dances and cultural performances around the city as well as a 238 meter dragon parade which famously makes its way through this Historic City Center.  Further, each May sees the Feast of the Drunken Dragon celebration and dances as fisherman consume large quantities of alchohol before beaaring wooden heads and tails, of the dragon becen to spew wine.  

Trip to China 

If you plan to go to China, which is a few minutes from Macau, try to obtain a visa at least two days before your schedule; products are a lot cheaper to buy there.

Trips to Hong Kong 

If you plan to go to Hong Kong, ferries now leave 24 hours a day between the older Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal and the newer Taipa Ferry Terminal.  With five ferry companies taking visitors back and forth between Hong Kong and Macau, there is usually no need to book tickets in advance these days, just head to the terminal when you are ready and purchase ferry ticket on the next outbound ferry boat. Crossing time is approximately 1 hour - allow another 20 minutes for customs formalities entering or leaving Hong Kong.