Rural Hiking

Coloane is a good place to go for peace and quiet - getting there and away can be a bit of an issue if you're in central Macau, given the scarcity of taxis.

There are probably four main locations one would want to hike to whilst there:

A-Ma Statue & Cultural Village 

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Coloane Village

From the main square in Coloane, you can easily reach the waterside - walk along this until you reach the A-Ma temple. To the right of the main temple building is a set of steps.  Walk up these, and up a tarmac'd road up a hill.  Then, keeping the coast on your right, follow the road for about 1.5 miles (through a small village after a cemetary).  Eventually the road will meet a T-junction with the main road, where there is a bus stop.  There are also two sets of steps - one marked as private and the other leading down to Cheoc Van.

Cheoc Van 

Cheoc Van Beach 

It's not the biggest or most beautiful beach in the world, but it's quite peaceful, and has Gondola, an Italian restaurant, and another cafe close to the sand.  There's also a swimming pool at the west end of the beach if you don't like swimming in the sea. 

At the opposite end of the beach to the swimming pool is a car park, and a steep road going up the hill. Follow the road to the top, and then turn right and walk along the main road for around half a mile.  You'll soon reach a grassy car park, with a trail leading into the woods, marked with a sign like this: (C31 is the entry point, C32-C33 leads down to Sac Ha)

Walking Map, Coloane 

Follow this route - it's a pleasant, flat walk through the trees round to a small shelter just above Hac Sa beach. 

Hac Sa 

These four form a fairly natural loop for an energetic hiker; would also make sense to head between Coloane and Cheoc Van, or Cheoc Van and Sac Ha. 

Urban Walks 

The Macau Government Tourist Office now has a series of sponsored urban walks covering historic attractions and various neighbourhoods around the Macau penninsula as well as areas around Coloane and rural areas of Macau.