• Newport Vineyards & Winery
    909 E. Main Road
    Middleton, RI 02842
    (401) 848-5161

  • Hours:
    Mon - Sat: 10 AM - 5 PM
    Sun: 12 PM - 5 PM
    Public tours daily at 1 and 3 PM

    Located only 10 minutes from downtown Newport, the Newport Vineyards offers lovely tours of the vineyards complete with the chance to go wine-tasting. Guides explain how the grapes are grown and harvested, and visitors are shown the winemaking process. An enjoyable and romantic trip. Note that a RIPTA ticket stub entitles the user to a half price tour and tasting plus logo wine glass.
  • Newport Tower (Old Stone Mill)
    Mill Street
    Newport, RI 02840

    The tower is one of Newport's enduring mysteries. Many believe it was built as a mill built in the mid-17th century by colonial Rhode Island Governor Benedict Arnold (grandfather of the Benedict Arnold), but that hasn't stopped others from postulating other theories. Some maintain that it is evidence of a Norse settlement in America pre-dating Columbus - some marks, which have the appearance of Norse runes, give creedance to this belief. The best way, however, is to find out for yourself! The tower is has no historical markers, so most tourists simply pass it by, but it is certainly a very interesting piece of Rhode Island history.

  • Cliff Walk
    Memorial Blvd
    Newport, RI 02840

    The Cliff Walk is a public access road running three and a half miles along the shore of Newport. It offers a breathtaking view of the mansions and the Atlantic Ocean, sometimes aspiring to heights as high as seventy feet! Note: Bikes are not allowed, and portions of the trail are slated to be closed until August 1, 2006.