Buffalo’s reputation for brutal winters is exaggerated—but not by much. Lake effect storms feature meandering snowbands 5 to 10 miles wide.  In the very thickest bands, it can snow as heavily as any place on earth.  Winter days are gloomy too, as clouds created by the lakes make sunshine rare.  But once Lake Erie ices over, the lake effect diminishes and the snowfall decreases. Overall, Buffalo averages more snowfall than most other northern cities, which sets the scene for good winter recreation, such as downhill and cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing. 

In the summertime the lake effect ensures comfortable temperatures, with gentle southwest breezes and comparatively short bouts of humidity. Mostly sunny days and only moderate rainfall create great conditions for water activities, including sailing, waterskiing, swimming, and sport fishing.  

Autumn can be wonderful too.  In early to mid-October, leaf watching in the Southern Tier county hills is as beautiful as anywhere in the country.

One of the nicest things about Buffalo is the people.  Buffalo is a multicultural city, allowing you to get to know your faraway neighbors right here at home.