Reading is always good prior to a trip. Educating yourself about your destination and arriving with knowledge about it gives you a leg up.

Hot Springs is no different. This is such an unusual place, a little reading about it can do you good.

Here are some options:

*”Hot Springs Arkansas in Vintage Postcards,” this book might not be the best for reading, per se, but the pictures tell the story well of Hot Springs since its discovery and how it developed into the popular tourist destination it is today. The postcards are accompanied by some text that gives you even more insight into the area.

* The Hot Springs newspaper is an excellent resource for the traveler. This paper calls itself “Hot Springs' voice on the internet” and it’s a useful voice, good for locals and travelers alike. If you click on “around town,” you can find listings of art galleries, sites to visit, entertainment, bars, taxi companies and attractions. Here you can also get the weather forecast to help you plan your visit and the “stay or play” link takes you to a tourist special section that provides you with a laundry list of good things: activities, history, background about the area.