Visitors to Lahaina have a lot of choices when it comes to outdoor recreation. For the more adventurous, Captain Steve’s Rafting Excursions might fit the bill. Most of these tours also include some snorkeling. For the do-it-yourself types, there are several places that rent kayaks for as little as $15 a day. 

There are a ton of water activities in Lahaina to enjoy, from boat excursions and jet skiing to taking surf lessons.  Hawaii is all about surf, and one of the oldest and well-known surf schools for beginners to even more advanced levels is Rivers To The Sea Surf Lessons. If you enjoy the ocean and are in Maui during January to March, be sure to also go on a whale watching excursion.  These gentle beasts are a pure joy to see from the water.  

If you want to hike, the Lahaina Pali Trail is five miles long and was once a road for travelers on horseback. There are two places to start the trail. One is close to the junction of N Kihei Road and Honoapiilani Hwy (valley side) and the other is under a canopy of kiawe (mesquite) trees near the Papalaua beach park. The valley access has recently been moved (summer 2010). The valley entrance now looks like the included image. It starts at the Hawaii Trail and Access System (Na Ala Hele) sign on Honoapiilani Highway, and is a good way to burn off some calories while enjoying some great views of the sea cliffs.

 Access Pali trail

There’s also a walking tour called Maui Nei, which provides a closer look at Lahaina’s fascinating history as a local tour guide leads visitors from the Hauola birthing stone to the ocean, with many stops along the way. 

For those who are more spectators than participants, Expeditions Lanai is an inter-island ferry that journeys across the 'Au'au Channel to Manele Harbor on the nearby island of Lanai. The trip takes about two hours round-trip and is a relaxing way to see some spectacular views of both islands. 

If you want to see what's under the water, but don't feel like getting wet, take a trip on an Atlantis submarine. Passengers get to enjoy views of the abundant sea life, and divers bring creatures up to the windows and tell about them.  

Consider a sunset sail if you prefer sailing without the snorkling part. The Scotch Mist II is a 50' sloop that sails for $50 per person, and includes several glasses of chardonnay or champagne. You may also bring your own bottle. It's a 2-hour sail out of Lahaina Harbor and runs south along the coast, for great views of west side of Maui and mountains. You can sit up front or in the back. This smaller boat can't handle big crowds, so it's a nice way to keep a quiet evening quiet. Crew is quiet also.

Lahaina is probably the best place on Maui for beginners' surfing. There are several schools you can get lessons from, or if you are a bit more experienced you can rent a board directly.