Do not leave valuables in you car or car trunk while in Hawaii.  West Maui is an old agricultural area and the water table has been adversley affected so only drink filtered or bottled water.  Health warnings are posted in the newspaper long after the dates of high polution of the drinking water so just don't risk the tap water.    Don't swim in the ocean if the water is murky or churned up.  Those conditions attract sharks and can be avoided.  A lot of drivers are visitors and they are lost.  Just give them plenty of room for their u-turns and the sudden stops when they spot whales.  Do not park in any state harbors that require a parking sticker if you don't have a sticker.  The ticket is issued by harbors division and it is a criminal offence   that requires an appearance in court and a fine or community service.

If you have a handicapped parking permit at home bring it with you.  If you are going to a remote beach and have decided to not bring any wallet or ID on the outing then bring a photo copy of your drivers license to keep in the car.

Most establishments accept Visa, Mastercard or travellers checks.  Quite a few accept checks.  It is a good idea to bring at least two credit cards use one as a guarantee for the car rental and another as a guarantee for the hotel fees.

If you ever need to make an emergency call to the police dial 911