Any honeymoon hotspot has gorgeous weather—Princeville is no different.  The temperature in January averages a chilly 71.5 Fahrenheit, July is a stifling 75.2.  Precipitation is relatively high, but were it not for the rains the tropical jungle that gives Kauai its “Garden Island” name could not survive.

There is certainly no best time to visit Princeville, as weather is gorgeous year round.  A recommendation for those who live in areas with extreme winter snows and colds would probably be January or February, when a mild escape may seem most desirable.  Holiday season celebrations in this resort town also make for an over-indulgent gift to oneself.

Despite boasting the best links in Hawaii, the Prince course contains no PGA events, so golf aficionados need not worry about missing out on a live sighting of a Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson amidst the tropical junglescape. 

Every May the laid-back Island comes to collective life with classical concerts and Hawaiian music performances and hula recitals in honor of Prince Albert, the four-year-old son of King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma, who died in 1862 and gave the resort town its name.  Aside from this event, however, no activity aside from one’s own itinerary disturbs the sense of timelessness that naturally pervades this idyllic isle.