There are not many options for getting around while visiting Volcano.  Public transportation is all but non-existent, which leaves private transportation such as rental cars, mopeds and motorcycles, as well as various tours buses as the only way to get around.

            The majority of visitors to the Big Island choose to rent a car upon arrival.  This is the recommended form of transportation on the island, as it allows for the most freedom and flexibility in exploration.  In fact, many “must see” areas can only be explored by car.  One thing to note is that certain rental car companies prohibit travel on certain poor conditioned roads (some of which lead to tourist sights), so make sure to inquire about this before choosing a company.  The island’s major airports are in Hilo (east side) and Kona (west side).  Check out this Kona Airport Rental Cars link, and this Hilo Airport Rental Cars link for more information about these topic. 

            Renting a moped of motorcycle is another good way of getting around, but these options have their limitations.  It often rains on the Big Island’s east side, and it is not safe to drive these types of vehicles in the rain. 

            Various tour operators offer bus tours of the island, many of which make stops at the Volcano National Park.