Volcano is very small (population less than 2,500), and the main reason that people visit this town is because of the Kilauea Volcano and Volcano National Park.  Because of this, most of the information provided here is specific to the park, not the town. 

            The following link to the Town of Volcano provides general information about the population’s demographics.

            A good place to begin doing some research on the park is on the National Park Services: Hawaii Volcano page.  This is probably the best all around site on the web, providing some great information about things such as history, activities, accessibility, nature & science, and more. 

            For information about the volcano itself, more specifically its eruption history and eruption details, check out this Kilauea Volcano page.

            Another good resource for Volcano is this Visitor Information and Photos page.  Here, one will find useful links such as directions, entrance fees, camping regulations, and more.

            A good way to get to know an unfamiliar area better is by studying its geography.  Get started by looking at a Map of the Hawaii Islands, a Map of the Big Island, and a Map of Volcano .

            For weather information about Volcano, check out this Ten Day Forecast and this Monthly Weather Averages page.