It’s really best to think of all of Jackson as one neighborhood, as it exudes a sense of hospitality that makes even the most temporary of visitors feel like part of the community. There are technically three sections of town, but the distinction is mostly geographical.
  • Karns Meadow: The most recent addition to Jackson, the meadow has been turned into a community park. Grassy areas punctuated by fish-filled ponds make the meadow an idyllic place to play and relax. Karns Meadow is also the site of a parking lot, the purpose of which is to allow people to park their cars and ride Jackson’s public bus system. While placing a parking lot in a meadow seems unnatural, the “Park & Ride” helps ease traffic and preserve the natural beauty of other areas of Jackson.
  • Flat Creek: This is the region surrounding Jackson’s very own creek, which actually flows into Wyoming’s Snake River. There’s water in Flat Creek year round, and actually, floods used to be a problem until preventive measures were adopted to protect the nearby buildings. Residential and business districts line the creek, making it an ideal place to explore.
  • Downtown: This is where the town’s major industries and civic buildings are located. Downtown Jackson boasts a large theater, an art museum, and a Farmer’s Market as well as rows of small supermarkets and other businesses. Walking or biking around town is easy, and buses run regularly.