In Jackson Hole there are many, many great restaurants but some just stand out more than others. There are certain testaurants in Jackson Hole within each food category that stand out above the rest. Try Teton Thai for example, this is the best Thai food in the area without a doubt. The flavors are just plain better. And how about The Kitchen? With food of this quality, addictions come to mind. And of course, when you are on the go, step into Backcountry Provisions, now  Background Delicatessen, and pick up an "Expedition" sandwich. Seriously, it's good. The Snake River Grill is always a great choice but is a little more expensive.  Try the Rendevous Bistro for an upscale meal in a fun setting. 

The famous Billy's Burgers is unfortunately no more.  Their space on the town square has been remodeled and is now an upscale steak house called Local.  If you are looking for a good burger the Betty Rock Cafe has taken on the task and is doing a fine job, including a tasty salmon burger .

 Now, of course it's not that cool spend all your time eating in restaurants, so why not go to the Whole Grocer and get some food to prepare yourself? Being the only community minded health food store in the valley makes them stand out above the others.