Not many people realize that there are two separate towns that make up what is generally known as Wisconsin Dells. It is comprised of the village of Lake Delton and the city of Wisconsin Dells, and locals commonly refer to the area as “the Dells.” The area is about 19.5 square miles in size with a combined year-round population of just over 5,600. Despite the small population, Wisconsin Dells hosts 4+ million tourists each year. The area has nearly 8,000 hotel rooms 3,200 campsites, more than any other destination in Wisconsin. Though it is one of the premier vacation destinations in the Midwest, Wisconsin Dells is still primarily made up of local families who own the many restaurants, attractions, hotels, and shopping venues.

Neighborhoods include downtown living, lake and riverfront property, wooded areas, rural parcels and farm land. The Dells area is protected by the Delton Fire Department, Kilbourn Fire Department, Lake Delton Police Department and Wisconsin Dells Police Department. The police departments hire additional officers during the busy tourist months to insure the safety of locals and visitors. Although it may feel like a large town in the summer when thousands of people are here each day, it is actually a very close-knit community where many of the locals know each other by name.