Williamsburg, its historic district in particular, is known for its colonial architecture.  Many buildings exhibit the styles of the 17th and 18th centuries.  One example is the Wren Building, located opposite Colonial Williamsburg at the head of the campus of the College of William & Mary.  Dating from 1695, in the style of the times, it is rectangular, symmetric and features dormer windows.  Another is Bruton Parish Church, an impressive brick building dating from 1715, and which was often attended by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. It is located within Colonial Williamsburg and continues to serve as the place of worship of an Episcopal congregation.  Colonial Williamsburg has several other impressive buildings, including the Capitol, home to Virginia’s original legislature, and the Governor’s Palace, a reconstruction of the original,  built nearly 300 years ago.

In addition to the historic buildings, several of the more modern buildings in the city, including some churches, hotels and private homes, are built in the colonial style.  If you are looking for skyscrapers or other marvels of modern architecture, you will not find them in Williamsburg.