Cathedral of Teruel

The Cathedral used to be the Church of Santa Maria de Mediavilla in the Middle Ages. It was built in the last quarter of the 12th century in the Romanesque style. In 1200 the three naves of the church were built. The main retable was built by Gabriel Joly and it shows the mysteries of the life of Christ and his Mother. At the front there is a choir and it has a screen created by Cañamache in the 15th century. The Coronation Chapel has a retable that shows the coronation of the Virgin Mary and it also shows the prophets and kings of the Old Testament.

The dome was built by Martin of Montalban and this dates to the 16th century. The main doorway dates to the beginning of the 20th century. Later in 1578 the church was consecrated as the Cathedral.

In 1257 its Mudejar tower was built and it is one of the oldest Mudejar towers built in Spain. The tower has a square shape and it has three sections that are decorated with ceramic tile. It is topped with an octagonal lantern from the 17th century.

The wooden ceiling is made of polychromed wood (32 meters long) and this was built in the last third of the 13th century. It is profusely decorated with hunting scenes, religious themes, vegetation, geometric designs, and inscriptions that were Moorish and figures in the Gothic linear style. This ceiling is called the Sistine Chapel of Mudejar art because of its great architectural and pictorial value. During the Spanish Civil War, it was slightly damaged during bombing but it was restored.

In 1986 the Unesco declared the tower, wooden ceiling and dome of the Cathedral as well as the joint Mudejar monuments of the city as Patrimony of Humanity.