An intresting thing about the marble sculpture of Robert E Lee at rest.. (Actually at sleep, as he did in the field during the war)

Lee worked with the sculptor who would / did his likeness in the Chapel where he is buried, he was measured height, weight, and all other physical features, he told the sculptor he only wanted to be sculpted as though he was asleep on the battlefield, boots on, leather drap beneath him, cotton blanket over him, and sword in hand beside him, but there is either a mistake or the sculptor knew something we didnt..upon close inspection of the magnificent sculptor of Lee, looking at his hand with his sword, either there is a hole in his blanket for the sword to be partly under the covers with him or the sculptor intentionally or accidently carved the sword beneath his covers, but the top part of the sword, shield cup is out of the covers and the shaft in beneath the covers, but look close it is not exactly leaying on the leather drap as he is..See picture posted  Titled.  LEES HANDD WITH SWORD