Every city has its buildings which simply have to be seen and Memphis is no exception.

There are 70 high-rise buildings in Memphis, five of which are remarkably tall.  The tallest, 100 North Main, is thirty seven stories tall and offers an excellent view of the city from its upper floors.  One Commerce Square and the Sterick Building each offer thirty one floors of mostly office space.  Clark Tower and Morgan Keegan Tower are the other two skyscrapers which shouldn’t be missed when viewing the cityscape. Clark Tower has the distinction of being one of the most famous buildings in Memphis.  It is also the tallest tower outside of the downtown Memphis area, offering a terrific view of downtown from any of its 32 floors.

The Peabody Memphis is another building which isn’t to be missed.  This historic hotel was founded in 1896 and is on the National Register of Historic Place.  Touched by the visits of such famous guests as William E. Lee and Charles Lindbergh, this building is actually known for its trained duck exhibit.  Both the inside and the façade of this building are worth the time it takes to stop and see it. 

Information on other buildings worth a stop in Memphis can be found at http://www.emporis.com/en/wm/ci/bu/?i... .