When Elvis Presley was a young boy, he promised his parents he would make a lot of money and buy them the finest house in town, putting an end to years of struggle. For Elvis Presley, Graceland - a charming and stately colonial revival-style mansion for himself and his parents - was the fulfillment of that childhood promise.  

Over the 20 years Elvis lived at Graceland he created countless memories for the many friends and relatives who were a part of his life. Because Graceland was so close to Elvis' heart, it also holds deep meaning to his legions of fans from around the world. For many, the Elvis Presley mansion embodies the American Dream - a poor small town boy who reached super stardom and changed pop culture and the world forever. Other than his daughter and his music, Graceland was probably Elvis' greatest pride and joy. For fans of Elvis Presley and music, Graceland is the ultimate pilgrimage.

As the front door to Elvis Presley's mansion opens, you are taken on an unforgettable journey into the private world of an American legend. At Graceland, enjoy an interactive iPad tour of Graceland Mansion and an all-new Graceland Archive Experience. After touring the Mansion, explore other great attractions at Graceland Plaza including the Elvis Presley Car Museum, Elvis in Vegas Exhibit, Elvis' custom jets and more.