Most people use Myrtle Beach as a way to broadly refer to Grand Strand, several towns that compile the South Carolina coastline. North Myrtle beach is a distinct municipality from Myrtle Beach and has a beach-town history of its own. It sits at the north end of Grand Strand. The 11,000 residents and amusements make North Myrtle an ideal location for families and people who seek a quiet shoreline.

The earliest inhabitants of North Myrtle Beach were Wacamaaw and Winyah Indians. The Spanish arrived in the 1500 - 1600's and enslaved the indigenous people. With the founding of New Town in 1901, few settlers actually resided in the outskirts of the Grand Strand area. The continual development of Atlantic Beach and Myrtle Beach place North Myrtle Beach in solitude. It is cleaner and has a gentler climate than beaches farther south.

North Myrtle Beach belongs to a group of smaller beaches like Cherry Grove and Crescent Beach. It stretches for nine miles and has 15 square miles of total land area. Residential neighborhoods, championship golf courses, and fishing piers define North Myrtle Beach. The white sand beaches and crouching oak trees preserve a natural landscape while catering to over 3.5 million visitors per year.