Block Island has a wide variety of dining options, and while seafood and American style food prevails, the options are fairly broad.   The majority of the dining on the island is casual, even the nicer restaurants do not have a dress code;   it is not uncommon to see a guy in Carhartt's next to one in a blazer at some of the nicer restaurants.

Most of the restaurants have seafood options on their menu, others specialize in it.  Burgers, wraps, chowder and chicken and shrimp in all forms can be found on most menus.  Pizza, sushi, tapas, Thai and Mexican can be found on others. 

There are no chain restaurants on Block Island, each restaurant is individually owned and run.  Many have been in business for decades, though each year brings one or two new choices.  There is one ice cream franchise, but for the most part, expect to find family owned restaurants, take outs, ice cream shops and coffee houses.

The majority of the restaurants do not take reservations, but it does not hurt to call ahead to see if they do, especially if you are dining with a large group.  Also call ahead if you have dietary restrictions to make sure the restaurant can accommodate  your needs; most restaurants offer at least one vegetarian option and gluten free options are becoming more common, but vegans and those with lactose or nut allergies may want to .   If accessibility is an issue, you will also want to check out the premises in advance.

Block Island has some really great dining, some amazing views and some places that offer both! 

If in doubt of where to eat:

1) Ask a local. 

2) Read trip advisor reviews

3) Read the menus

4) Check it out in person.