Four major highways intersect in King of Prussia and they have made this town the destination it has become. First was Pennsylvania Turnpike (now Interstate 76 /  Interstate 276) then the Expressway ( Interstate 76), Route 202 and Route 422. By the 1950's hotels and restaurants started to pop up all over. Today, visitors will find a dense strip of hotels, restaurants and shopping centers along Route 202. Zoning, Valley Forge Park and limited land concentrated the development and when one fades, it will be demolished for another establishment.

 King of Prussia is the quintesential temple to auto transportation. Public transit and taxis are limited. Best to arrive by car or rent a car. Do not try walking any distance. Crossing Rotue 202 is prohibited at some intersections and sidewalks often end abruptly.

 Two local convention centers keep the hotels busy on certain weeks, but usually rooms can be found. Properties in every price range are available, with a few away from Route 202. Restaurants are almost all chains. Check the reviews and the front desk for independents

 The top local highilights are the King of Prussa Plaza, the 'second largest' mall in the USA and Valley Forge Park, the winter camp for George Washington and the Revoluntionary Army. Both can be a quick visit or a place to spend days in.

Note the lack of giant signs. Restrictive sign ordinances have prevented the 200' signs found in many similar communities.