Harrisburg offers a lot of culture. You just have to look deep enough! Harrisburg has two great breweries right in the city! There is Troeggs Brewery and Appalachian Brewing Company. They are both a must do.

 Just a few blocks away brings you to Midtown Harrisburg! Do you have a knack for art classes? Take a class at The HodgePodgery in Midtown Harrisburg on the corner of 3rd and Herr streets. You can also purchase all sorts of handmade local goods here. Have lunch a few blocks away at Breads N Spreads, then go to Broad Street Market. Tired of walking? Go t Midtown Scholar just across the street. Now you need a drink so stop on over at Harrisburg Midtown Art Center, located next to The HodgePodgery.

 If you want to hit the strip. Take a walk down second street. If you start at 5pm. it will take you all night to have a drink at each bar. You probably won't finish and if you do you'll be taking a cab or walking to the Hilton or the Crown Plaza. Don't forget to get a slice of pizza from second street pizza!!

 Enjoy Harrisburg