There are four main nightlife areas in Eugene - the University of Oregon neighborhood around 13th and Kincaid St, The "Barmuda Triangle" at the intersection of Broadway and Olive St, the Fifth Street Public Market area at 5th and Pearl St, and the Whiteaker District at 4th and Blair St.

At the U of O area there is Taylor's Bar, Rennies Landing, (both have pub food), and Max's Tavern.  All are popular with students but locals love them too.

 At the "Barmuda Triangle" in the heart of downtown Eugene there are seven bars on a single corner - The Horsehead, Rogue Brewery, The Starlight Lounge, John Henry's, Luckey's Club, Jameson's Bar, and Snafu.  One restaurant (The Davis') has a bar that becomes a dance venue at night.  Each bar is different and unique - students and locals alike bar hop from one to the next every weekend, arguing as to which one is the best.  Some have a full menu, others focus on drinks. You can find live music almost every night of the week here.  Snafu is Eugene's only gay bar, and women's events are held at Diablo's Nightclub (a few blocks away) every month.

At the Fifth Street Market, you can find the Steelhead Brewery, Jo Federigo's Bar and Jazz Club, Marche, Lucky Noodle, Cornucopia Burger & Bar.  This is a more upscale part of town and the establishment's menus reflect that.

At the Whiteaker District is Eugene's "hippie" heart.  The funky and comfy Sam Bond's Garage is here, and the Tiny Tavern (open since 1938) perches like a gracious old dame right on the corner.  Papa's Soul Kitchen has blues shows and BBQ.