Bandon is reputed to have some of the most interesting and possibly most beautiful beaches in the entire Northwest. This is due in part to the "Sea Stacks" or rocky outcroppings that form the islands, headlands and rocks along the shore. Sturdy stairs and paved walkways provide several easy access points (with free parking) for young and old who visit these lovely publicly owned shores. Sandy beaches encircle some rocky islands allowing level easy access for walks of any duration one chooses.

Many of the offshore rocks are host to hundreds of thousands of sea birds which come to roost and hatch their young in the summer. The rocks also host marine animal life, some excellent tide pools, and other wave protected areas which are the birthing grounds for many seals. Bring some good optics to see incredible populations of muirs that literally fill every square foot of some rocks mid summer. Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge -

As the shoreline rocks have weathered, caves and passage ways have been worn through a number of them. Elephant Rock (most easily accessible from Coquille Point) in particular has several passage ways that are visible and can be traversed at low tide, while the rocks you can walk to just below Face Rock Overlook have even more fascinating tunnel like passageways.

Beach agate hunting is another popular activity in this general area, particularly in late winter as the waves carry sand off the beaches, although this varies from year to year.  Some years century old shipwrecks are uncovered along this part  of the coast as well. Nearly 100 shipwrecks have been identified within just a few miles of Bandon in either direction. The west winds in Spring sometimes bring in interesting debris from the orient, although the famous Japanese glass floats are very rare nowadays.

Enjoy Oregon's free and open public beaches. Do keep in mind, though, that although the "beach" is public, private property rights extend to the beach, so please respect signs and don't trespass on private beachfront property :-)

Elephant Rock,

 Can you see the "Elephant"?

Here is a little "help" seeing the Elephant at Elephant Rock Bandon, Oregon 

 Here is a little digital "help" seeing the Elephant at Elephant Rock - Bandon, Oregon