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Different places to see in Assam, by city :

Guwahati: Kalaskhetra ( a multipurpose organisation ), State Museum, Science Museum, Planetorium, State Zoo, World's smallest reiver-island 'Umananda' on big Brahmaputra river

Barpeta:   Assam's Great religiouse place ' Keertan Ghar'

Nagaon:  Badowa , the Birth place of Assam's Greatman " Maha Purush Sri Manta Sankar Dev " 

Majuli:  World largest river-island Majuli is a subdivision of the state Assam and mainly great for the Sankari Culture.  

Tejpur: Historical Place and there is a lot to see. 

Pathsala:  A historical place and mainly the cultural place of Assam. Pathsala is known as Hollywood of Assam. 

Hazo:  A historical place of Assam. Mainly a religious place. The great temple "Hoygreeb Madhab"and "Powa Mokka" is here.