Founded in the early 19th century, the Village of Kemptville is located about five miles north-east of Carleton in northern Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia. Kemptville is found by Pearl Lake and along the Tusket River. The Indian name for the Tusket river is Neketaouksit, which means "great forked tidal river".

Kemptville was a center for backwoods lodges during the late 19th and 20th centuries. Kemptville has long been a favorite resort for nature lovers, fishermen, and hunters alike because of the vast quantity of wildlife in the area. One of the most known lodges in Kempt was Birchdale. This lodge was built and expanded over the years and became for a while a spiritual retreat center owned by carmelites. It is today in private hands. Trout Point Lodge was opened in East Kemptville in 2000, and continues this backwoods lodge/nature retreat tradition. More information on Kemptville can be found at The Tusket River at Kemptville was named one of the 10 top fishing sports in the world by the London Guardian newspaper in 2006.