Each year many people come to Hendersonville to experience the fall foliage and the spectacular display of beauty and diversity in nature. This time of the year is a busy time for visitors who want to explore Western North Carolina and enjoy the vibrant colors of the fall leaf change. The scenic drives during the fall season are mesmerizing and out of this world beautiful.

The fall color season begins at the end of September and goes through the end of October; however, some tourists will come in late September or early November to miss the crowds. The difference in the elevation here in Hendersonville and the many different species of trees found here in the Blue Ridge Mountains are what make the views exceptionally good in this area of Western North Carolina. The peak in color changes to different areas from week to week depending on the elevation.

This festival of color offered by nature's changing of the leaves is certainly one of the greatest shows on earth. Each fall the trees in the deciduous forest respond to shorter days and cooler nights by beginning preparations for their dormant winter ahead.

Spectacular Fall Foliage