Cornell University is a member of the prestigious Ivy League. It shares the Ithaca student population with Ithaca College, also an excellent school. 

Take advantage of its great beauty and culture. there are lots of free things you can do:

1)  Have a snack at the Cornell Dairy Bar.  Any student walking around will tell you where it is. 

2)  Walk along one of the gorges - incredible beauty at an incredible price (free). Watkins Glen is close by and they charge a huge fee for the exact same thing!!

3)  Walk around the world-famous Cornell Plantations.  Great for gardeners to get ideas about their own gardens.

4)  Have a meal at Appel Hall. Cornell has the best dining of any school in the Ivy League because it has it own hotel college. The food is great, and for a reasonable (not cheap, but all you can eat) price, you have an incredible selection.

5)  Get in the car and drive to the Ornithology Lab.  Lots of interesting and sometimes disturbing info about birds and the environment. Note: Cornell is home to more ornithologists than anywhere in the world!

6)  Go to a concert at the beautifully restored Bailey Hall.  Again, reasonably priced, great experience.

7)  On clear Friday nights, visit the Fuertes Observatory, near Helen Newman Hall. The main telescope is a 12" refractor. Fuertes also has a number of smaller field telescopes which astronomy classes use. Call ahead at 607-255-3557 to find out if Fuertes is open. Cornell has had some of the greatest astonomers in the world on its faculty. The observatory is free.

8). Walk the Ithaca Commons. Unlike many small cities, Ithaca has worked very hard to keep a vital, energetic downtown area. The six block area called the Commons was blocked off to traffic in the 1970's, and hosts many unique stores, galleries, and great restaurants.

9)  Visit Ithaca College. At the top of Ithaca's southernmost hill, it offers a different and spectacular view of the city.

10) Visit the Johnson Museum. Always interesting, the Johnson Museum at Cornell has one of the best art collections of any university museum in the United States. Admission is free, but they welcome donations.