Cooperstown is a very small town, and because of this there is no need for a public transportation system. Even though the town will see over 300,000 tourists every year, it is a small enough town that you can simply walk around and be fine. A lot of the things to do are located in a small concentrated area in the center of town. Doubleday Field is only a short walk from the Baseball Hall of Fame, and many of the shops and other places to see are also in the same area. If you are staying at a campground or in a hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast, it is probably a good idea to have a car. It is not necessarily that you will need the car to get around while in the town, but to get to and from the town, you will need automobile transportation at some point. There are no traffic jams or back-ups in the town, and it is not a hassle to get around. If you are staying a larger hotel, you can sometimes arrange for a shuttle pick up, but you shouldn't count on it. If you are traveling with a large group however, there should be some sort of transportation system set up with you group to get you.