Cooperstown has some of the best cycling around. It features every thing from tough rides for hardcore cycles to leisurely ones for casuals site seer. In the busy summer months a bicycle is just about the only way to get around the busy downtown Main street in order to see the sights. A favorite Cooperstown rides has to be the ride around Otsego lake. Any if you are going to ride around the lake be sure to stop off at the Brookwood Garden to take in the view or for a picnic lunch. The opera house is an interesting stop too.

If you are coming to Cooperstown in the summer you will quickly learn that parking is a nightmare. However, it is a small town and easy to navigate on a bicycle. Many visitors will bring there own wheels, however, if you don't have a bike or just can't afford the space when packing one don't worry. I suggest you check out the local bicycle shop Cooperstown Bicycle Works, located at 55 Grove St. They have a large variety of bicycles for rent. And for the diehard cyclist who can't stand to be parted from their bike you can even have your wheels shipped to them. The friendly staff at Cooperstown Bicycle works will be happy to assemble your bike for your riding enjoyment. And the will also be happy to pack it back up and ship it out when your ready to go back home. Although having one's bicycle shipped is nice, It is easir to just rent one from the shop while in town.

If you brought a bicycle to town only to find that the Dreams Park will not let you ride it on their grounds, don't worry you will find that the rest of Cooperstown is not against bicycles.

If you are in town for any length of time and feeling bike adventures I would suggest you pickup a copy of Cranks From Cooperstown 50 Bicycle rides. It is a well done book regardless of your cycling abilities. Of course if you get to town and can't and forgot to bring you copy of the book the swing by Cooperstown Bicycle Work the friendly staff will be happy to assist you in obtaining a new copy.