Dating from 1905, Princeton University Press is one American greatest publishing companies catering the academic world. It has the uniqueness that, although being based at Princeton University, it is privately owned and managed. The Press boasts a varied and extensive list of books that cover almost all the disciplines of knowledge such as Art, Asian studies, History of Science and Medicine, Literary and Cutural Studies, Political Studies, Sociology and Earth Sciences, just to name a few.

Their books have got prestigious awards such as the 2006 William E. Fishelis award for Ralph Sessions' The Shipcarver's Art, the 2006 Etkind Prize for Richard Wortman's Scenarios of Power: Myth and Ceremony in Russian Monarchy, Best Buterfly Book to Date award for Butterflies of the East Coast by Rick Cech and Guy Tudor, and 2005 Ruth Benedict Prize for Tom Boellstorff's Gay Archipielago, among many, many awards.

The list of books that have been published by the press include the most fascinating and rare topics, some bearing intriguing titles. Just to name a few: Colormute by Mica Pollock (Education); Impossible Subjetcs by Mae M Ngai (History); Passionately Human, No Less Divine by wallace D. Best (History); Spectra and Pseudodpectra by Lloyd Trefethen and Mark Embree (Mathematics); and On Bullshit by Harry Frankfurt (Philosophy) among others.