Public transportation is probably the best option for getting around Newark.  The system there is one of the most efficient systems in the United States, combining bus and train options to make it easy to get from one part of Newark to the other.  Public transportation can also be used for day trips to many nearby locations including the major day trip destination of New York City.  Additional information about using public transportation in Newark is available at .

Travelers who do not wish to use public transportation can opt to rent cars at the local airport upon arrival in the area.  Driving is basically safe in Newark and is considered a viable travel option by many who vacation there.  However, it should be noted that traffic can be very heavy and travelers should plan on being patient if using this method of getting around.

Drivers should know that the New Jersey Turnpike is the major means of getting in to the city.  Route 21 is the major road heading through downtown Newark.  Travelers finding that Route 21 is jam packed can get to many downtown destinations via Interstate 280.  The main small road through downtown is Market Street which is accessible off of that latter interstate.

Parking can be difficult to find in and around the city, especially the downtown. If you are coming from out of town, understanding the different time restrictions and laws involving street parking can be confusing and potentially costly (being towed). Parking Panda allows you to reserve parking in garages, lots and valets, in advance to avoid any of those issues. You can search for where you want to park near and locate garages in the area. Their site will give you prices for the day(s) you want to park and will even tell you how far away you're parking from your desired location. You can also get real-time reservations from Parking Panda's iOS , Android, and Windows apps.

More information about Newark can also be found the Newark Parking Authority website