The primary means of public transportation in Great Falls is the public bus lines, which have operated by the Great Falls Transit District since 1982. Buses travel along seven primary routes, Monday through Saturday. During the week the buses run from 6:30am until 6:30pm, and on Saturday from 9:30am until 5:30pm. There is no service on major holidays or on Sundays. Adult fares are $1, and there are discounts for seniors, students and children.

Rental cars are available at the Great Falls Airport, as well as at other points in Great Falls, and the city is located at the cross roads of US 87 and US 89. During the day and outside of the urban centers there is no posted speed limit. Drivers are advised to use their best judgment, and obviously that can’t be stressed enough. The roads are well maintained, but drivers should watch for changing road and weather conditions, which can make it slow going at various times of the year.

Taxicabs are available, but generally you’ll need to phone ahead to reserve a cab. There are shuttle buses available from the airport to some hotels as well, but for most visitors a rental car is probably the best way (and most affordable way) to get around.