The climate in Montana is much more mild than many visitors might expect, and the area of Great Falls does experience the four seasons. The annual temperature is about 45 degrees, and summers are mild, with some periods of warm, and even hot days. Average temperatures during the sum can be upper 70s to the low 80s, with even the occasional heat wave. Due to the higher elevation does mean that things cool off considerably after the sun goes down, and even in August there will be nights with temperatures falling to the 40s.

Weather in the spring and fall is often on the cool side in Great Falls, and the springtime is also the rainy season, but the high plains lacks the lingering rains of other parts of the country. May is the wettest month, and in contrast November tends to be driest.

Winter also arrives early across Montana, but the weather can vary from very mild with low humidity, to intense snowstorms that blanket the area in very deep snow. The downhill ski season doesn’t actually begin until the middle of December, but it lasts until the first weeks of April. January is usually the coldest month, and it isn’t uncommon to see the temperature fall to near zero after dark.