Cuba MIssouri was established in 1857 and for a small town has a variety of attractions and eating places. Cuba, MO Rt. 66 Mural City Cuba, Missouri has 12 outdoor murals along the Rt. 66 corridor running through the historic uptown district, which is about 4 blocks from the interstate. You can get a mural brochure from the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center at the the intersection of I-44 ( The Visitor Center is very clean , serves coffee, tea, and water and has a restroom. It has brochures for other attractions throughout the United States, and has WiFi.

A Country Kitchen is across the road from the center, Huddle House is nearby. Voss's has a buffet. There is a Pizza place close. During the season, there is an outdoor drive-in, which shows current movies. In the summer, Cuba's city pool is open in Tangle Creek Park, which also has a place for picnics. Two antique malls stand side-by-side on the north service road. The murals are worth seeing. You can buy artcards of them at the Visitor Center. There is also a 1932 restored Phillips 66 station at the corner of Rt.66 and Hwy. 19. On the three station bays are mural panels. It is possible to walk or drive to see the 12 mural sites ( Soon Javenet, an internet cafe/bookstore/coffee bar, will be open on Hwy. 19/Franklin. Also, on Franklin is Mace's, a full service grocery store/deli/pharmacy. On Hwy. 19, there are two Chinese restaurants.

Cuba, MO has several independently owned restaurants along the Rt. 66 corridor: BBQ (outdoor dining), Mexican, American, etc. Mainstreet Bakery and Cafe is about a block off Rt. 66 and has WiFi. Frisco's Pub and Grill (outdoor dining) has Wi-Fi. Some restaurants are closed on Monday, but you will find a place to eat. There is also a range of fast food places on Hwy. 19., between I-44 and Rt. 66. On S. 19, you can find the historic Rock Fair.

A Crawford County History Museum advertises "3 Floors of History." It is on Smith Street, and there is room to stretch your legs and walk around. Recklein Library is just across the street and has computers if you need to check your email. A 9-hole golf course and restaurant sets just off S. Hwy. 19 on the edge of Cuba. Cuba, about 75 miles SW of St. Louis, has been designated Rt. 66 Mural City by both the Missouri House and Senate. Harry S. Truman, Bette Davis, and Amelia Earhart all visited Cuba. Viisit and see why. Cuba, MO Welcomes Rt. 66 Travelers. See for more details.