Jackson, Mississippi is probably the only capital city in the United States where it's literally impossible to hail a cab downtown. You must call for one if you need to be picked up from an area business; be sure to allow ample time for them to arrive. The only exception to that may be at one of the major hotels, but even then it's advisable to call the concierge at least thirty minutes in advance to confirm that there's a taxi on hand at that time. They may well need to call one for you.

Taxis are generally available from Jackson-Evers International Airport on the lower level outside baggage claim. Since there are few taxi services operating in Jackson, there are times that none are available and you'll need to call for one there as well. Mornings and evenings seem to generate good business for them, however, so most travelers won't have a problem finding a taxi at the airport.

There are several national rental car agencies operating from Jackson-Evers International Airport; there are also a few branches located throughout the metro area. Driving in Jackson is very easy with light traffic and good signage, so renting a car would be a good choice (and you can avoid worrying about finding a taxi). There are no rental car agency shuttles to the lots from the airport, because the lots are directly alongside the arrival area and they expect you to walk the short distance.

If you plan to be moving about in Jackson for a few days and don't have a local to drive you around, it's probably best to rent a car.