When planning a trip to Minneapolis, it is wise to do a bit of research before ever leaving home.

            For detailed information about the city of Minneapolis, visit Meet Minneapolis, Official Convention + Visitors Association .  This site provides links for booking flights, obtaining useful maps, discount coupons, weather information and news about local happenings.  There is also a great link for things to do in the city, which range from outdoor activities, going to the theater, dining out, and seasonal festivals.  

           The Minnesota Office of Tourism Site is also a great place to obtain information about general opportunities available in Minnesota.  The site is not Minneapolis specific, but gives a good idea about the state.   

             International travelers to Minnesota should be aware that there are not many foreign embassies located in Minneapolis.  Unless Norway, Ecuador or Canada are the countries of origin, most visitors will have to travel quite a distance to reach their national embassies.  Visit the US Department of State Website for a complete list of foreign embassies in the United States, including phone numbers and locations. 

            There are many unique and interesting events that are held annually in the city of Minneapolis.  From art festivals to renaissance fairs, there are many events worth investigating when deciding on the time of year to visit the city.  For more information visit Annual Events.