Minnesota Nice is not just a myth. You'll find the people of Minneapolis friendly and ready to help you get where you want to go—with a smile and "you betcha" to send you on your way. In general, Minneapolis is a very safe place to visit, but just like any other city, a few basic guidelines should be followed in order to ensure a smooth trip through Minnesota. As always, common sense is the most important tool for staying safe.   

            Downtown is very navigable and generally very safe, but still avoid traveling alone at night. If staying with a group is not an option, make sure to remain in lighted areas and take safe modes of transportation (cars, busses or taxis). Walking alone at night is never a good idea, especially for women. 

            In case of any problems, contact The Minneapolis Police Department.  

Their main office is located at:

            350 South 5th Street ,
            Room 130, Minneapolis , MN 55415-1389
            Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

            For general information, visit The Minneapolis Police Department’s homepage .

            In case of emergency dial 911.