Braintree, MA is located approximately 10 miles from Boston City Center. While many folks on a budget gravitate toward Braintree instead of staying the city, this location still is a well kept secret to many travelers who still gravitate towards points north.  There are several hotels in close distance to the Logan Express Shuttle, restaurants and the commuter rail. Most hotels in the area offer complimentary shuttle and park and ride rates to save the hefty fees of parking and messing with getting lost in Boston. If you are willing to put up with a short commute into town you'll save money on hotels, parking, dining and more. Braintree is also a great destination for a day trip into Boston and a day trip to the Cape, or a visit to both Rhode Island and Boston Colleges while staying in the same location. With most hotels located right off the highway you can be at the beach, downtown Boston, Rhode Island or Southern NH in about an hour.

Many visitors are pleasantly surprised how much there is to do right in the area without having to go into "town." There are great restaurants, both private and chains that specialize in steaks and seafood at reasonable rates.

If you want to meet real Bostonians and hear the real Boston accent you won't be disappointed. Some mistake the South of Boston communication as a bit rude, but once you crack the shell of the natives you'll find them both charming and caring.

The town has plenty of history. Braintree is the birthplace to Presidents John Adams, and John Quincy Adams, as well as statesman John Hancock. Braintree is also the site of the infamous Sacco and Venzetti murders as well as the retirement home of the co-inventor of the telephone Thomas Watson.

Though you are close to the city, there are also great parks for lakeside views and long walks.