Any town with “Ocean” in the name has already given slight clues to its climate. Probably warm during the day (at least in the summer) with a cool ocean breeze in the evening. Talking about Ocean City is like giving the very definition of beach weather.

The hot season in Ocean City is summer. The streets and hotels are jammed with tourists looking for a little getaway at the sea. The weather is perfect for spending time at the ocean. Normally it's sunny and warm to hot, with daytime highs in the lower to mid 80's F (26 - 29 C) and mild nights. The sun is strong in summer, so you'll need to be cautious about sun burn, Travelers should pack lightweight, light colored clothing and a hat if they intended to sit out in the midday sun. The surf temperature at most of the beaches in Ocean City is warmest in August and early September, often reaching into the middle 70's F (25 C). 

During the May/June time frame, it is popular for high school and college students to pay a visit to Ocean City.  Graduating seniors in the DelMarVa peninsula (Delaware, Maryland and Virginia) will spend a week (known as "Senior Week") at the beach.  This makes for an especially busy time with more of a partying type of atmosphere.  More mature visitors may not find that time as appealing to visit, since the newly independant teens can make for noisy neighbors in the various hotels. 

Winters are chilly here. Average daily highs are about 41 F (6 C), so bring a coat, but do enjoy the quiet of the beaches and roar of the ocean. There’s something magical about the oceanside at winter… be sure to enjoy that in Ocean City. In the spring and fall, Ocean City often has mild temperatures from 50 to 70 F (10 - 20 C). Perfect for the myriad of activities offered in Ocean City in those seasons.