The lowest recorded temperature for the month of January is negative twenty-six degrees.  That’s the sort of morning where you get into your car wishing you had a garage.  Still, the average low temperature is in the teens for the month of January, and the average high is in the thirties.  And even if you get unlucky (assuming that cold is bad, which isn’t true for many), you’ll only have to deal with an average of 23 days below five degrees all year.  Certainly doable.

The closest thing you’ll get to warm is a seventy-nine degree July day.  You can wear shorts in seventy-nine degrees, but you can’t exactly work on your tan.  But who goes to Maine to get a tan?  Maine is where tourists go to EAT lobster, not to get sunburned and mimic one.  Don’t worry about precipitation, as it rains / snows an average of eleven days a month every month.

If you are looking for fireplaces, bearskin throw rugs, and marshmallows skewered on small branches, winter, spring, or fall would be best.  If you are looking for lake water, streams, hiking trails, granola, and a cold beer, perhaps the summer is your best bet.