Spring or autumn are the best times to visit Rockford , although a majority of visitors head to the area during the summer, probably more in accordance with standard vacation travel times than in regards to any qualities reflecting the area itself.  Summer in Rockford can actually get quite warm.  The average summer temperature is usually in the eighties but it comes along with high levels of humidity which can make it feel sweltering on some days.  In contrast, the evenings in the summer tend to cool off and are excellent for visitors to enjoy camping and other evening outdoor activities in the area.

It is not suggested that visitors plan trips to the Rockford area during the winter.  The winter months are very cold, with freezing temperatures all throughout the winter season.  There is just below forty inches of snowfall each year on average, although the city has been known to experience blizzards which can nearly double the amount of annual snowfall in one season.

Detailed information regarding current weather conditions in Rockford , including short-term forecast information, is available from Weather Underground online at http://www.wunderground.com/US/IL/Roc... .   More detailed climate information is available from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity at http://www2.illinoisbiz.biz/community... .