Taxi Cabs

Taxi's and limo in Chicago are regulated by the City of Chicago and each vehicle is specially licensed and each driver is required to successfully complete a pre-licensing course of 30+ hours in the classroom, followed by a written exam and sight test.  There are many different taxi companies operating in the city.  In the areas most frequented by out-of-town visitors, taxi's are plentiful; in outlying - residential - neighborhoods, however, it can sometimes be difficult to find a taxi unless you call one of the companies to come pick you up.

If you're arriving at either O'Hare or Midway Airport's, you'll find a staging area for people waiting for taxi's - the City of Chicago employs people to supervise taxi operations at the airport and those employees will answer questions you may have about destinations, estimated fares, etc.  The taxi's are typically found just outside the baggage claim areas. 

Auto Rental

Rent-a-car companies are plentiful in Chicago, not only at airport and passenger rail terminals, but in the central business and heavily-touristed parts of the ciy and in the outlying neighborhoods.