Christ Episcopal Church is a classic white church on a quiet country road. Fronted by a lovely lawn, it's surrounded by huge oak trees which drip Spanish Moss. A more serene setting would be hard to find.

Although there has been a church on this site since 1820, the present church was completed in 1884.  The inside is beautiful!  There are all of these wonderful stained glass windows that were donated by the original families that lived on the island, usually in memory of a loved one that had passed.  There is a huge 18th century window in the back that was imported from Germany, and an original Tiffany window.  There are also a few pews that date back to the originial church, before the civil war. 

A number of Presidents have been to worship service at this church and these visits are commemorated by plaques on the pews where they sat.  The woodwork inside is truly a work of art as well.  You will find the graves of a lot of the native islanders there, and the famous author, Eugenia Price, is buried there somewhere under a huge oak near some Palmettos.  The founders of the Methodist church, Charles and John Wesley, also preached some of their first sermons in America under the great oaks found in the cemetery.  This is truly a place on the island that should not be missed!  It is extremely peaceful and historic!

 In the '60's and 70's there were some wonderful ghost stories and reported sightings of ghosts with lanturns and women in antebellum white dresses.   Definitely a must see.